HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Compliant Hosting and Security

HIPAA compliance is a combination of system features and human protocols. Some HIPAA compliance functions can only be performed by the provider. Adaptive Telehealth automates much of the compliance documentation and enforces HIPAA compliance security policies by default. Adaptive Telehealth staff can help you with the human security side of HIPAA compliance. While no technology can ever be “HIPAA compliant” in it’s own (it would have to be a Covered Entity), a number of features and security measures have been built into the Adaptive Telehealth platform to automate HIPAA compliance policies. Adaptive Telehealth also strictly adheres to HIPAA-HITECH technical, administrative and physical security policies and protocols.

  • Technical Systems: SSL VPN, multi-factor authentication for root access, web application firewall, log and access management and monitoring. Our SOC 1 and SOC 2 data centers are compliant across all 54 HIPAA Citations and all 136 Audited Components using OCR’s HIPAA Audit Protocol.
  • Processes and Protocols: Business Associate Agreements, HIPAA trained staff, change control management process, official notification procedures for as required by HIPAA. Disaster recovery, daily offsite encrypted backups and redundant systems ensure consistent uptime and data safety.
  • SSL Certificate: An SSL certificate for secure access to the Website and a dedicated IP address required for SSL certificate authentication will be provided.
  • And much more.